Toledo version of classic board game is flying off the shelves at local Walmarts

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TOLEDO (WTVG) - Monopoly is a game people have been playing for generations. There's a new spin on the old classic flying off the shelves at some local Walmart stores.

It's called Toledo-Opoly, and it's getting a lot of attention. Ron Beadnell is the market manager for the northwest Ohio Walmart stores. He says the first batch is almost sold out, "This puts a new spin on an old product."

Beadnell says the all new Toledo-Opoly game arrived at local Walmart stores this week, "I am surprised how quickly the Toledo area has picked up on it and just the comments and discussions its generated."

We found customers and employees ready to shell out money for the new board game. Seniqua Horton works at the Walmart on Glendale Avenue and says she's been a long-time fan of the game, "I think everybody should come buy Toledo-Opoly before it's all sold out. It's for a limited time only."

JuJuan Johnson says he was interested in seeing what the local version is all about, "I love Monopoly. I love to gamble with real money and fake money. I also love property. So Monopoly is your game? Yes, Monopoly is my game!"

Beadnell was approached by a vendor about six months ago about the product. He decided to roll the dice and just like landing on Park Place, it paid off, "It's really gone viral. If you read the posts you'll see how the customers are speaking out about it. They're talking to neighbors,friends and family saying can you run to the store and pick one up before they're all sold out?"

Beadnell is a fan of the game, but says he hopes this new version will help him step up his game a bit, "Are you good at Monopoly? I like to play, but I'm not very good. My kids beat me often. Maybe this version could help turn that around? Possibly."

Beadnell says the Toledo-Opoly can be found at the Central and Glendale Avenue stores as well as the Walmarts in Perrysburg, Holland and Oregon."We got the initial shipment Tuesday and we have already sold about 75% of our initial shipment at this point. We may run out in the next few days but we have additional shipments on the way."

Toledo-Opoly sells for $19.98. Beadnell says Toledo isn't the only city in our area getting its own version of the game. He says Defiance, Bowling Green and Tiffin Walmarts will also be selling localized versions of the classic board game.