Toledo woman gets letter saying she's dead

TOLEDO (13abc Action News) - Here’s a bizarre story about a Toledo woman who is dead. The thing is, she's not dead. Social security, her pension fund, even her insurance company thought she was dead after what appears to be a mix up in medical records.

Toledo's Lois Smith was in disbelief when she read a letter from her insurance company saying she was actually dead.

"When I first opened the letter and I read it, I thought wow that is it to read a letter that you've died and someone said you died and you're very much alive," said Lois Smith of Toledo.

That's when her family started digging to figure out what was going on.

"It's shocking and quite frankly sad because I don’t think anybody likes to face... It's difficult enough to face when you have the death of a parent. It's not something you take lightly," said Michelle Haley, daughter of Toledo’s Lois Smith.

Through lots of leg work, they have determined that another woman named Lois Smith, with the same exact birthday died in a Florida hospital in august. Turns out it's the same exact hospital Toledo’s Lois Smith was in 2 years ago!

"This is so frustrating, I've been in tears. I am afraid to open my mail because I don’t know where the next shoe will fall," said Smith.

She easily cleared things up with social security, after a slightly awkward trip to their office.

“I talked to the social security gentleman. He looked at my ID and he says I have a report that you are dead and I said that's why I am here. Because I am very much alive," said Smith.

The issue now is the state pension she receives. She received September's payment but it was taken back after the state realized she was dead, which she's not.

She hopes the state will quickly fix this, so she can get back to a normal life.