Toledo woman living in apartment without heat in midst of frigid temps

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - Space heaters, boiling water and extra layers: It's how one Toledo woman is trying to stay warm without a working furnace.

"It's just freezing," said the woman who didn't want to be identified. "It's really freezing in here. I'm just tired of it. It's too cold for this."

The woman reached out to 13abc after she says she's gone almost a week without heat.

"It's freezing," said the woman. " It's basically like we're standing outside."

The thermostat in her Mulberry Street duplex is set as high as it can go, but a quick glance at the furnace shows it's out of commission.

"I gotta' bundle up," said the woman. "We gotta' sleep bundled, and my son gotta' sleep bundled."

The woman says she's notified her landlord of the issue and says he only showed up once but didn't fix anything.

"Something's gotta' be done because this doesn't make any sense," said the woman.

The tenant says her landlord even asked her to help pay for the repairs.

"I feel like I shouldn't have to help him if I pay my rent already," said the woamn. "Like, my rent is paid. So why do I have to help you?"

With more frigid nights ahead, the woman says she's had enough and says she's looking to move out if the issue isn't fixed soon.

"I'm online on Craigslist and trying to find me somewhere," said the woman.

13abc called and spoke with the woman's landlord. He declined to go on camera, but says his contractor is backlogged with repairs at other properties.

The landlord also says he told the woman to get a hotel room and he would deduct the charges from next month's rent. The tenant refused that offer citing a lack of money.