Toledo woman worried after she says someone broke into her apartment with a duplicate key

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - For Krystin Glisson life just hasn't been the same since she had her sense of security stolen.

"What if I was home and they came in here to rape me, kill me? You know, this is where my mind is at," said Glisson.

Back on October 23, 2018, police reports show Glisson came home to the Vanderbilt Apartments off Dorr Street in Toledo and noticed her TV was ripped from the wall.

"I go into panic mode," said Glisson. "I started walking around here. Then I noticed my vacuum cleaner was gone. Then I opened up my freezer and all my groceries are gone. Everything is gone."

As she called 911, Glisson says she realized she used her key to open the door and that's when she got worried.

"I used a key to get in here," said Glisson. "That's why I couldn't understand it."

The 38-year-old says she quickly notified her landlords at Beal Properties and that's when she says they told her a master key to the building was missing.

"[They] just flat out told me that, and I'm like, 'What?,'" said Glisson. "So they were just hoping that the key would turn up."

After investigating detectives determined Aaron K Hollingsworth to be allegedly behind the burglary and placed him behind bars. They say he even pawned Glisson's items at a nearby Cashland.

"He admitted coming in here, he admitted stealing my things, but he will not tell [police] where the key is or who he got the key from," said Glisson.

After posting bail, reports show Hollingsworth came back with others and threatened Glisson outside her door.

"He's like, 'I didn't steal your stuff, and if you pursue this I'm going to this and do that—I don't want to use profanities—but they were threatening me," said Glisson. “One good kick, you’re coming through that door. I honestly thought that they were going to get in here and get me.”

Hollingsworth was arrested again and put in jail on $100,000 bond. Despite that Glisson says she's still worried that someone else has the key to her's and other's apartments.

"We are paying our money each month to live here, we have the right to feel safe," said Glisson.

Now worried for her safety she hopes landlords take action soon before anything else happens.

"Beal Properties—they need to rectify this problem because it's scary," said Glisson.

13abc left both a voice mail and text message with a Beal Properties manager, but never heard back.