#ToledoME: Glass City Dog Park opens its gates for a community open house

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TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - When it comes time to burn off some energy, Toledo dog owners look no further than the Glass City Dog Park.

"They just love to socialize out here and it's a great thing," Dave Karmol, a board and park member said. "As soon as you let them off the leash, they all get a long."

"If I bring them here, they're free to run, they have lots of space, they can play ball; it's really fun for them," said Bethany Urbanski Fry, another board and park member.

Located just off of the Anthony Wayne Trail, the park boasts agility courses, separate spaces for big dogs and little dogs and plenty of space to move.

Saturday, May 18th, the gates open to the public during the annual community open house. The hope is to give people and their pets a reason to snag a membership.

"We'll have lots of vendors, a food truck, some silent auction items that you don't even have to pay for that day," Urbanski Fry said.

Right now, there are more than 300 park members so the space gets a lot of use. Fundraisers like the open house are just one way to make sure everything stays up to snuff.

"The dues don't cover all of the expenses of the dog park," Karmol said. "There's a lot of maintenance that goes into it."

Money raised during the event will help to offset some of those costs, plus, it gives potential new members a chance to try out the facility and learn about the perks that come with it.

"We have a Halloween costume contest, we have an Easter egg hunt [and] there's free training for members," said Urbanski Fry.

Many say it's a labor of love, dedicated to their four-legged friends.

"I'm happy to pay to have a safe space for my dogs to come and know they're around other safe dogs," she added.

The park will be open for the event from 9am to 1pm. It's free and, of course, dogs are welcome. Visitors must sign a waiver of liability, show proof of current vaccinations and that their dog has been spayed or neutered. All of which are required to get a membership.

Memberships are $45 a year, unless you apply Saturday, then you get $10 off.