ToledoMe: Ottawa Hills proposed athletic field on Dorr St.

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TOLEDO - (WTVG) - You've probably driven down Dorr Street a thousand times and look at this land and thought, Isn't anyone going to do anything with that land at Dorr and Richards? Well, Ottawa Hills has a plan.

For the last 25-years, all you see in this field are deer roaming free.

The Village of Ottawa Hills looks at this land and sees opportunity.

Marc Thompson, Village administrator says, "Recreational programs are expanding. Lacrosse exists. 15 years ago, there weren't any lacrosse players. Now there are a lot of them."

But this 11-acre plot was owned first by Dana Corporation. then the UT Foundation now a private owner has it and is willing to donate it to Ottawa Hills.

Thompson, "When you walk on it, you think, my goodness. There's a lot of land here. But when you start laying out fields, it starts to eat up the land in a hurry."

A lacrosse and two soccer fields could be laid out. There would also be a 75-space parking lot and a restroom building.

Ottawa Hills athletes would have more land for play and practice and a barrier will be constructed to protect players from busy Dorr Street.

Thompson says, "There's a fence around there now and we would expect to sort of enhance that fence, maybe with some wire to keep balls and stuff from going out there."

Landscaping would be added around the perimeter of the field as well, cost about $750,000, and play could be scheduled for next year.

Ottawa Hills' plan goes to the Toledo Plan Commission February 14th. If approved there it goes on to City Council. And if approved there, construction on the new athletic field could begin later this year.