#ToledoMe: Beautiful blooms at the 4th annual Flag City Daylily Tour

FINDLAY, Ohio (WTVG) - The daylily is special. It only blooms for one day, meaning there's only one chance to see each unique and colorful flower. Four years ago a few Findlay gardeners decided to open up their gardens to share this treasure with others, and the Flag City Daylily Tour was born!

Micheal Anders' home is hard to miss off Redfox Road in Findlay. If you follow the cobblestones, you'll find a colorful garden - full of more than 2,000 daylilies.

"And if you come back tomorrow you'll see an entirely different garden because all of the flowers that are blooming today will be gone," said Anders.

That's why he likes to capture each picture-perfect bloom daily.

"I like the really, really bright yellows you can see from across the yard, but my really favorites are the dark purples," said Anders.

Every flower has a unique name and blooms in just about every color but blue.

Ann Brickner has been a gardener most of her life. She lives on a farm full of all kinds of flowers and she loves her 1,400 daylilies.

"They're addictive. They really are. There are just so many. You see a beautiful one and some of us just can't help ourselves, we just have to have that one too," said Brickner.

The daylily is easy to grow and vibrant. These beautiful blooms attract hundreds from across the country.

"We love to share them with everyone," said Brickner.

The 4th annual Flag City Daylily Tour runs Friday, July 12 from 10-6, Saturday, July 13 from 10-6 and Sunday, July 14 from noon-6. You can see seven gardens for free and just like each daylily, every garden offers something unique and special.

Attached to this article is a map with each garden location.

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