Toledoan has a front row view to the Washington Capitals Stanley Cup celebration

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If it means taking a two hour nap at home in Point Place after working his nine to five job in Findlay and driving nearly eight hours overnight, Freddie Noel wasn't going to miss the Washington Capitals Stanley Cup Championship parade in Washington D-C.

"It is one of those situations where so many people want to do something like this and they don't," Noel said. "But being able to say I actually did it, I think that's the thing that I am going to remember."

When we caught up with Noel, he wore his Alexander Ovechkin sweater for the camera because it is favorite player on the Capitals. Ovechkin is how Noel came to love Washington after his previous team was the Quebec Nordics and subsequently the Colorado Avalanche.

After Avalanche essentially disbanded the roster after its run in the 1990s, Noel lost interest in hockey. Once the Cap drafted Ovechkin, it was game on for Noel.

It was a pull so strong to the Capitals that Noel ended up in the front row on the fence at the celebration stage.

"Being one person made it possible to actually weave my way to the front and make some friends," Noel said. "What's a guy got to do to get up to that front spot was my motto getting in. The gift of gab and making new friends who share the same interests.

"They said, 'Yeah, there's plenty of room for one up here, come on!' So three or four times of that and I was leaning up against the fence."

"Noel now has a phone full of front row photos and a Washington Post reporter even interviewed Noel for a blurb on its website.