Toledoans scramble to scoop up leaves ahead of looming snow

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - Like many Toledoans, Scot Rossi spent Sunday scooping up leaves around his home.

"It's just under four acres, so it's a lot of leaves," Rossi said.

His goal, to get his entire yard cleaned up ahead of Monday's looming winter-like weather.

"I don't want to deal with it afterwards," Rossi said. "Then it's a really big mess."

This week city crews are set to continue leaf collection in the 43615 and 43614 zip codes. So far they've already collected nearly 7,000 cubic yards of the foliage in other parts of the city.

After snow and ice foiled pick-up last year for many residents Rossi hopes this early round of weather doesn't do the same.

"Last year the leaves sat here forever," Rossi said. "The city didn't pick them up on time and then they got snowed on and they sat here until the spring. So hopefully we don't have that same problem this year."

While those like Rossi simply want the leaves off the ground others are bracing for an early November snowfall.

"It's all about preparation, and it's not that we want to scare people into getting ready," Greg Hafner with Sylvania Hometown Hardware said. "You know it's coming. We live in Northwest Ohio."

On Sunday alone Hafner says lots of people came through his door in search of things like shovels and salt.

"On a Sunday normally we have a bit of a slow time from 10 to 11," Hafner said. "This morning we probably had 15, 20 customers by 10:30 — we open up at 10."

While Hafner says the store has plenty of supplies he recommends stocking up soon before the snow shrinks the stock.

"Get in soon, get your stuff now because, as you know, when we get this weather people tend to clear everything off the shelves," Hafner said.

13abc checked with city leaders on their plans for leaf collection and the incoming snow. We're told if conditions aren't too bad a reduced number of crews will collect leaves while others tackle the snow. If the weather ends up being a big problem all Streets, Bridges and Harbor employees will switch to battling the snow and ice.