Toledo's pedal-powered pub

Published: Jun. 29, 2018 at 10:17 PM EDT
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As downtown Toledo continues its renaissance, new and fresh activities spring up. One of those is a big hit during the summer.

You may have seen the HandleBar around eerie or Summit and asked "what's that?"

It's a pub on wheels powered by the pedal. And the ladies of Coldwell banker are making me pedal. The HandleBar party started out with one bike and had rapidly expanded to four.

“Downtown in 2018 is different than downtown in 2016,” HandleBar Toledo’s Tom Van Wingen said.

Owner Van Wingen hopped on board with us, on the vehicle that stops traffic…

“We got a man on board now!” the riders hollered.

These realtors from Monroe County are all first time riders.

“We just decided this would be a fun thing to do in the summer,” Lynda Nickelson said.

“We get a lot of groups that just want to get out with friends. See downtown in a way that they haven't before,” Van Wingen said.

You books tours online and meet up downtown. You don't have to drink but you do need to be 18. HandleBar trips are BYOB and you can bring those downtown open bar cups (DORA) back.

“That you can actually bring out of the bar, and actually bring on board the handlebar as well,” Van Wingen said.

If you prefer, they'll even serve you at the central - moving - bar.

The realtor's trainer, Lynda Nickelson, outlined the group's strategy for pedaling, which also applies to the office.

“You need everybody's input,” Nickelson said. “Otherwise you're going nowhere fast.”

From bachelorette parties, to work outings, it’s a new way to see a resurgent city.

“We're all out of the work environment. We're all playing and having a good time. People are enjoying each other,” Nickelson said.

Each tour lasts two hours and costs about $25 a person ($300 for Sunday to Thursday, total). The bar stops have specials on drinks.