Tombstones, gravesites moved and vandals are NOT the cause

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TOLEDO - (WTVG) - The headstones and grave sites at Forest Cemetery tell the story America and its families.

Many here are more than 100-years old.

And in a sense, that's the problem.

The aging cemetery has led to headstones knocked over and grave markers moved and out of place.

And it's due to natural shifting of the earth.

Karen Ranney Wolkins with Toledo's Department of Forestry says, "As things shift and start to move, headstones then move and then they start to topple."

Toledo owns the cemetery, taking it over in 1832.

City crews are digging up some old stones that have shifted and pouring concrete then gluing the grave markers back into place.

Or they are securing the head stones.

Over the last two weeks, 176 grave site have been repaired.

And the city says you can tell when vandals are not the problem.

"All of a sudden one day you have topple headstones you know that's not an act of nature that is some human intervention," Ranney Wolkins said.

But that's not the case now...

Yet no matter the cause, the city is committed to making sure Forest Cemetery is respectful of those buried here.

Ranney Wolkins says, "This is a beautiful place and I think the people that built Toledo need to be memorialized in an appropriate way."

There's some damage the city won't be able to repair but the hope is with the new technology the repairs made will last generations.

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