Tooth Fairy pinching pennies in 2019

(WTVG/CNN) - It seems like the Tooth Fairy is paying less for baby teeth. According to a yearly survey from Delta Delta, the price for a lost tooth has declined 43 cents this year.

That's not to say the price is low. According to researchers, the average payout for a single baby tooth is $3.70, though a first tooth can go for as much as $4.96. Last year, the average payout was $4.13 for a tooth and up to $4.50 for a first tooth.

The price for lost teeth isn't static nationwide, though, and geography can cost kids precious pennies. Children in western states earn the most for their teeth, netting an average $4.13 per tooth. Those in the South get $3.91, while those in the Northeast only see a payout of $3.75. Kids in the Midwest fare the worst, with a mere $2.97 per tooth.