Hand-washing the most common health code violation in Toledo

Published: Nov. 14, 2019 at 10:23 AM EST
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Sanitarians show up in a variety of kitchens, but a lot of times they see the same violations. This week, we're going to run down the top five health code violations noted by the Toledo-Lucas County Health Department.

"It goes back to what we do every day," says Health Commissioner Eric Zgodzinski. "We are here to educate individuals on how they should be handling food, cooking food what they should be doing inside the restaurants."

As a reminder of what to watch out for, here's what sanitarians in Lucas County note most often:

1. Hand Washing

2. Temperature Control Issues - Cold Holding

3. Dirty Ice Machine

4. Food Staff Not Properly Trained - PIC

5. Dish Machine

When it comes to the cold holding issues, it's often equipment-related. Same goes for the dish machine, which is typically serviced by a third party company.

Pink slime or black residue in the ice machine can end up in your drinks. So can whatever may be on unwashed hands.

Finally, the PIC - Person-In-Charge - training has to be completed by someone who is on every shift, so the restaurant always has a point person on duty.

If you keep these top five in mind, according to the health commissioner, you'll be able to maintain healthy habits at your establishment and eliminate some of the common violations, allowing other checks and balances to fall in line.