Trail of Terror: 20 Years Later

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TOLEDO (13abc Action News) - 20 years ago today, a Toledo man went on a murderous rampage in what many called a "Trail of Terror."

Joe Chappell killed two and wounded four others on Friday, February 13th, 1998. He was eventually shot and killed by Toledo Police.

There were five crime scenes that day. Chappell was responsible for a fatal stabbing, a carjacking, a gun attack, a fatal shooting, and the final scene was when Toledo Police shot and killed him at Monroe near Secor.

This month, 13abc reunited those who responded and 20 years later, they say they're still trying to process what happened. Many of them still use the word surreal to describe it.

One current detective recalled, "This was something that didn't happen in Toledo." Det. Nick Estvanik fired one of the shots that ultimately ended the rampage. "This is something that happened in L-A or New York. And it was more to me of a movie - it's like - i can't believe this is happening."

Current Toledo Police Captain Joe Heffernan was a patrolman in 1998 and says he responded to the first crime scene finding one victim and two stabbed children.

"Every Friday the 13th I've worked ever since then, this always comes back to me. I would always get a little anxiety every Friday the 13th that I've worked ever since then.

20 years later, the group we assembled still credits Toledo Police Sergeant Bob Case with tracking Chappell down and helping to bring the rampage to an end.

13abc spoke with the family of one of those surviving stabbing victims, a child at the time and now an adult and they declined an interview.