Truckloads of Teslas delivered to local business

Published: Mar. 27, 2017 at 5:39 PM EDT
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It's always exciting to get a new ride, so imagine the incredible thrill of getting more than 20 new cars. Four truckloads of Tesla vehicles arrived in northwest Ohio Monday. They were bought by a Maumee company.

21 brand new Teslas were delivered by four semis at Brandywine Country Club. Some of them will become company cars, the rest will be leased or sold. And there's a local connection to Tesla.

One after the other,the electric vehicles were unloaded. It didn't take long for them to hit the road for test drives.Bryan Chlebowski is with Maumee Assembly and Stamping, "They're beautiful. Like a family man's sports car with four doors. They're fast, they handle great and they're American made.."

12 of the cars will be used by companies including US Utility, Maumee Assembly and Stamping as well as Brandywine Country Club. The rest will be sold or leased. So what's the reason for the big purchase? "We're trying to be ahead of the curve and make some noise and promote the company and expand our relationship with them and do more work for them."

That's right,some of the Tesla parts come from Maumee Assembly and Stamping, "We've been stamping some parts for them for the X model that is built in California as well as some steel battery trays for their gigawatt facility in Nevada."

Travis Barta is the Vice President of Operations of Maumee Assembly and Stamping, "We want to support those that support us. Tesla gives us work and they took a chance on us.We want to show our appreciations and support for that and we also want to cut our carbon footprint."

21 of the cars arrived today. Two are still on order for a total of 23.

In addition to buying the vehicles, charging stations are going in around the region and statewide. Barta says there are some already in place here at Brandywine, others are going in at Maumee Assembly and Stamping as well as US Utility in Perrysburg, "It's just like your cell phone, you use it all day and then you plug it in and charge it at night. These vehicles get 250-300 miles per charge."

The technology isn't cheap on the front end,"\Depending on what you order,they can be anywhere from $60,000-$135,000. It all depends on the package."

The hope is that there will be a growing market for Teslas around the region and that more can be delivered to the area in the coming months.