Two Metro Toledoans named team captains for the Rockets track and field team

Published: Feb. 13, 2020 at 4:35 PM EST
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The University of Toledo recently announced their three captains for the track and field season, and two are from around Toledo - Jordan Doore and Stephanie Sherman.

The two are distance athletes, and since this is track, their running lives have now come full oval.

"We competed against each other in high school," Doore said. "We came here as friends, and when we found out (about being named captains), it was a really cool moment for us."

Doore ran for Perrysburg High School and Sherman competed for Notre Dame Academy.

"I think it was also really cool," Sherman said. "Because knowing that our teammates think that highly of us, it was huge for us because I mean that's our goal is to be leaders and it's nice to be recognized."

Andrea Grove-McDonough is in her first year as the Rockets Director of Cross Country and Track & Field.

"They’re really reliable and that doesn't sound like a really glamorous compliment, but it really is," Grove-McDonough said. "When I need stuff done, when I need communication, when I need help with stuff, their names are the first that come to mind."

Sherman is a biomedical engineering major, and she wants to work with medical devices or orthopedics. School, track and cross country are not the only areas keeping her busy on campus as she has her feet in other student leadership groups in athletics.

"I want to be surrounded by as many different people as possible just because the diversity of people will greatly impact society," Sherman said. "So if I am always surrounded by diverse people, then it is always positively impacting me."

Track and field is certainly diverse in its events. Distance, sprints, jumps and throws. Everyone goes in their own direction but the team still needs everyone to come together.

"Stephanie for example is a 10,000-meter runner and lots of times the only people left at the track at that hour are a few family members and the coaches," Grove-McDonough said. "She knows what it's like to be out there kind of on her own. She has a certain kind of empathy for maybe our throwers who often times are off-site even."

Doore was off-site from track and cross country because of multiple stress fractures dating back to her senior year with the Yellow Jackets.

"It's been a journey to get to this point," Doore said. "But I'm very thankful that I've been able to compete and stay here for the past five years."

But the competition did not start again for Doore until Spring 2019. Internal issues developed, leading to MRIs and even a spinal tap.

"I was diagnosed last year with POTS, which is Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome and Neurocardiogenic Syncope," Doore said.

Simply put, Doore's symptoms flare up when all she does is stand up.

"Therefore when I am running, it's bad," Doore said. "My heart rate goes crazy up and basically just pass out or I can't think. I can't ... my body just shuts down. So running has definitely been a really hard thing to do."

Doore takes some medicine to manage her symptoms.

"She still loves being a part of this team and it still means a great deal for her," Grove-McDonough said. "So even though she's maybe had to change how she thought that would look and kind of accept you know some different goals, she still comes to practice every day engaged and doesn't come feeling sorry for herself."

Doore and Sherman were each two-time captains for their high school teams.

Sprinter and jumper Yana Khabina is the third captain for the Rockets this season.

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