Safety success in Toledo during Trump rally

TOLEDO (WTVG) - A major event in Toledo's history is now in the books, and Toledo's police chief says it all went well in downtown Toledo during President Trump's campaign rally.

Donald Trump in Toledo on January 9, 2020.

"Scale wise, I'd say it's the size of our annual 4th of July Fireworks celebrations. The difference is that our officers have been doing those celebrations for 30 years with a year to plan," Chief George Kral said.

The security detail had to come together quick and it had to be flexible once the Vice President was added to the event.

"My staff was working around the clock with Secret Service and the city of Toledo to get this together quickly," Kral said.

There were two minor arrests for disorderly conduct. A big advantage to controlling crowds and protesters were the police on mountain bikes.

"They're so mobile, so quick and they can get somewhere very quickly, and we learned that if there was two groups that were coming together, we were going to put the bikes down there," Kral said.

"We showed Ohio and the country that we can have two opposite sides in the same venue without having any kind of a major scale violence or arrests."