Two emaciated puppies fighting to survive after being found on the streets of Toledo

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TOLEDO (WTVG) - The Lucas County Pit Crew just marked a major milestone with its 1,000th adoption. Many of the dogs the rescue group helps come in with major health issues. In fact, the organization is caring for two puppies right now that were close to death when they were found.
They're making remarkable turnarounds, but there is a lot of work ahead.

It's hard to believe when you see the rough shape Ari is still in, that she has actually made a lot of progress. Jean Keating is the founder of the Lucas County Pit Crew, "I've never seen anything like it. Ari was just 11 pounds. She was basically just bones. She didn't move at all. She was so weak."

What a difference a few days can make. Amy Roth is a foster for the organization. While she is not fostering Ari, she has fostered more than 40 dogs, "In spite of what Ari has been through, she loves people. She is grateful for every meal. Her foster mom has been feeding her small meals throughout the day to gradually put weight back on. She's turning into a regular happy puppy now."

But she has a long way to go. Ari is about 4-5 months old.
Amy says she was found wandering along Jeannette Avenue without much time to spare, "Had Lucas County Canine Care and Control not found her when they did and taken her in and gotten her medical care, Ari would have died."

Jean says after IV fluids and careful feedings, Ari started to improve.
However, she then took a turn for the worse and was rushed into exploratory surgery, "It turns out, she had a ball lodged in her intestines that never would have come out on its own. Is that what happened to her initially or did she eat the ball because she was hungry? We don't know, but it is amazing she even survived the surgery."

Jean says it's also amazing little Kenzi survived. She was found sitting in a pile of snow Sunday night by a Good Samaritan, "It was bitter cold that night. It would not have taken long for her to be covered in snow and no one would have even known she was there.Thank goodness for the kindness of the Good Samaritan and the police officer who came to the scene. They kept her warm until the deputy came to pick Kenzi up."

Jean says Kenzi is about a month old and weighs just three pounds, "She should weigh at least twice that much, maybe even more. She does not see well at all, but we are hopeful that will change as she begins to heal and grows."

One of Kenzi's front legs is also deformed, but she's making progress, "Last night she was still struggling to stand, but today she is walking on it quite a bit. She falls over sometimes, but at least she is up and walking."

With so many people helping them, the two dogs are one step closer to finding their forever homes, "Both Kenzi and Ari will get all the medical care and love they need to heal. the good news is that it won't be long before you'll see both their adoption photos with their new families."

The Lucas County Pit Crew is an all volunteer organization. It takes a lot of time and money for the volunteers to nurse all the dogs in their care back to health. If you'd like to donate time money or supplies, we've posted links.