Two terrible roads to get $9 million in repair money

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TOLEDO, Ohio (13abc Action News) - The weather is shredding our streets and keeping pothole crews busy fixing them.

But it's frustrating dodgy drivers.

South Detroit is among the worst.

Doug Stephens, with Toledo's Department of Engineering Services says, "Every year, the freeze thaw cycle just pounds our streets so it's very apparent this time of year."

Stephens says help is on the way.

The Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) is making grant money available. And with matching money from the city and the Ohio Public Works Commission, substantial road work will get done in 2019.

For instance, this stretch of South Detroit from Glendale to Sherwood will be resurfaced.

Cost: $811,000.

Shelley Modlien admits to white knuckling down South Detroit. "Kinda yeah. You're swerving around. It's scary."

And the intersection at Detroit/Bryne and Devonshire will become a roundabout. to create better traffic flow.

Cost: $3.6 Million dollars of rebuilt road.

Money well spent to some drivers.

Darryl Utter says, "You kind of 1, 2, 3 count if they don't turn you're kind of stuck there. Roundabout could solve it. Then I'm looking forward to it."

And then there's money the Anthony Wayne Trail, so bad, road work will be bumped up to this year. The section from South to Glendale will be resurfaced to three inches deep.

Cost: $4.5 Million dollars.

There are other projects on the city's list. Other roads getting ODOT and Public Works monies aimed at taking the bump out of your drive.

All of this road money has to be approved first by Toledo City Council and how much do you want to bet they're not going to turn this down.

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