UAW counters Pence...says Republicans bailed on workers during auto bailout

UAW and Democratic leaders came out swinging today against Republican Vice Presidential Candidate Mike Pence. Meeting at the Swanton Library, members of the UAW Local 14, led by President Ray Wood holding signs of support for Democratic Candidate Hillary Clinton.

Ray Wood calling out the Pence/Trump ticket, saying "They can't change the record, they are both on record as opposing the auto industry rescue." "How can you oppose a move that saved hundreds of thousands of job in Ohio, where 80 of 88 counties are made up of auto-industry based businesses." says Wood.

UAW Local 14 member Tony Totty echoed Wood's comments "We remember, they're acting like they're not on record and their positions can't be fact checked." "But more than that" says Totty "we lived it and it's very personal to us." "So we're mad when they try to show up and say something other than what they were saying, just not that long ago." "They're trying to take credit for where the economy is now because of the bail out, but they were against it the whole time," says Totty.