US 23 overpass work will try patience of drivers, business owners

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SYLVANIA, OH - (WTVG) - In the Summer of 2021, the Ohio Department of Transportation will spend four months fixing the under decking and the road surface on the US 23 overpass at Monroe Street.

And that's it.

At an open house Tuesday night, drivers learned the work will not fix the traffic problem or the accident-prone ramps.

But it will force them to take wild detours to get to the other side of the highway.

Jill Babos says, "I would probably take Acres up to Sterns over and down but still that is out of my way."

Another option is going South on 23 for three miles to Central Avenue then turning around.

But the manager at Fricker's says that would hurt his Monroe Street business.

Shawn McGill says, "They hit Central Avenue, they may be staying in that area with all the restaurants in that area verses coming to see us again."

And then there's Ciao!

The construction is right in front of their restaurant.

Brenda Keefe, general manager at Ciao! says, "I have 50 employees that depend on that place and people can't get to it. I don't have hours to give my employees."

Losing that bridge could mean a $200,000 hit during the busy summer season.

ODOT did consider using one lane during construction but that would take 18-months to complete the $3 million project.

Everyone we talked to agreed the bridge needs work and now they know that work will be inconvenient.

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