U.S. Junior Amateur Championship preparing for heat wave

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TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - The competition is heating up at Toledo's historic Inverness Club -- as are the competitors.

The first few days of the U.S. Junior Amateur Championship were met with rain, and lots of it. Now that we're shifting gears toward near-record heat, both spectators and players alike have to adjust.

For their part, organizers like Jerry Lemieux are keeping people well-hydrated this week.

"We've set up spectator water stations at 5 different places on the course, so water's free."

Lemieux says when it comes to heat waves like this, they can spare no expense for patrons to stay safe.

"My championship credit card has been a lot of places the last couple days," he offers, "and I've got a couple assistants running the water coolers [and go to] buy more ice, buy more water... do what's right first, and deal with the financial consequences second."

The clubhouse has been open to all during the course's 100 years and counting, and that A/C will be a hot commodity this week.

"Fan Central" at the center of the course also offers much-needed shade and likely misting fans for the second half of the tournament. Even the porta-potties on the golf course are air-conditioned.

The USGA brings in an on-site meteorologist for hyper-local forecasts, plus plenty of medical staff to care for overheated patrons.

As for players... if you're the kind of person who drives the ball 100 yards forward and 100 to the right, heat is the last thing you need traipsing through the weeds.

Greg Sanfilippo, director at the USJA Championship, says they have "so many volunteers that we have spotters on every hole and every green to limit the number of ball searches."

Players can opt for bottled water or Gatorade with each new tee-off, plus a few extras.

"We also give the players access to cooling towels on the first tee," says Sanfilippo, "so they can grab a towel, dip it into a cooler and just wrap it around their necks."

Both the club and USGA officials say weeks like this are why they're ready for all seasons.

"It is an outdoor sport," Sanfilippo offers, "and Inverness is prepared to invite all the fans and spectators to see some great players play the game of golf."