UV light could keep restaurants clean when customers come inside again

Published: May. 4, 2020 at 3:13 PM EDT
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As Ohio inches closer to re-opening major parts of the economy like restaurants, those owners need to think about ways to keep the place clean when customers come back inside. Newly adapted technology might make that easier.

Cameo Pizza has seen a lot in Sandusky since it opened in 1936, but a global pandemic is not one of them. But now the idea is to use modern technology to keep the place clean and safe.

A family business like Cameo Pizza is missing something these days, and it's not just customers filling these seats.

“Even something as simple as my mom, she can't even come in the doors right now. Now after the building gets zapped, I'm going to be like, 'Mom, come in, it's cool, I can see you,'” said Matt Keech of Cameo Pizza.

It’ll be “zapped” by a new machine that is 900-watts of UVC light.

"It’s already proven to work with bacteria that have capsules that are much harder to kill than viruses. Viruses are smaller and thinner, so coronavirus should be no problem,” said Stuart Wells, owner of Parallax Lighting.

Wells said the company adapted existing UV sanitizing technology to come up with this device that cleans 100-200 square feet in about 10 minutes.

"Even in a normal flu season or cold season, it would be nice to know we can zap building every once in a while and know that those germs are being killed,” said Keech.

Keech loves this community's support for his curbside and takeout business lately but is anxious to have customers come back inside the walls. Cleanliness will be key, so will building trust with customers that your establishment is clean. This device is expected to help.

“This has changed everyone's feelings in terms of health and their consciousness of cleanliness and sterilization. People are now thinking totally differently about going into public places and not wanting to catch things,” said Wells.

Wells said he's talking to several businesses interested in UV technology, which started out in hospitals but could grow into standard business at the place that fills your pizza fix.

“Whether the governor says I can open or not, I want to make sure people are safe, my staff is safe and I'm safe,” said Keech.