Upgraded Safety Patrol Trucks pack better equipment

NORTHWOOD, Ohio (WTVG) - If you're stuck on the side of the road, with a flat tire or an empty gas tank, ODOT’s new fleet of safety patrol trucks are better-equipped than ever to help you get to a safe spot.

The four new trucks are bigger and better than ever. The first things you'll notice on this brand new safety patrol truck: a message board, and towing equipment.

Jeff Hoff is the supervisor of the Free Safety Patrol. He explains to 13abc, "Now, instead of having to wait for a tow truck to come down and remove a disabled vehicle or an accident, we're able to move it to the shoulder, so a safe area, that way we can clear the road faster."

That's always been the goal of the Freeway Safety Patrol, but now, they can do it better.

Rebecca Dangelo with ODOT explains, "They can push, pull, whatever they need to do to get them safely off the road for their safety, as well as the traveling public, still traveling on the roadway."

And they can do it quicker.

Hoff says, with the new trucks, "You do get out faster. Because you don't have to get out and go open up doors to get out cones, a sign or whatever you have to do."

The new trucks have been on the road for about five months. And while they're meant to make the roadways safer, it's other drivers that make clearing a disabled vehicle dangerous, even with the added signage and bigger trucks.

"I mean, hopefully, they'll catch on to it eventually,” hopes Hoff. “People will."

If you need assistance from a Safety Patrol Truck, you can call 911 and they'll dispatch a truck to your location.