Uptown Maumee Elf Hunt provides for free holiday family fun

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MAUMEE, Ohio (WTVG) - The sights and lights of Christmas are alive and well in the storefronts of uptown Maumee, and you might notice a few small additions.

"The Uptown Business Association each year does this elf hunt -- it's kind of a scavenger hunt for kids," explains Mike Dibling, owner of Dibling Floor Covering. "You come down, you get a little flyer and walk around the business windows to try and find 12 different elves."

The Uptown Maumee Elf Hunt is simple enough. Grab an Elf Tracker score card through December 22nd at either the Maumee Indoor Theater, or Dibling Floor Covering. You can also print one off here.

Write down the name of the elf you found (don't worry -- they're clearly labelled with names like Holly and Tinsel), plus the business you found them at.

Some of Santa's little helpers were easy enough to find while wandering by on the sidewalk, though others were a bit more experienced at hiding. One was so low to the ground that some adults might miss it entirely the first time -- but it's the perfect height for your kids, which is of course the whole point.

"It's a great time for the family and kids to get out and look for elves," says Brew House Coffee & Bake Shop owner Erin Warren. "We have them visiting the businesses, and some they might not have seen before."

For Warren and other Maumee storeowners, it could even mean a slight boost in business from parents and grandparents looking for something to do on a crisp winter afternoon.

As an added bonus, once your child finds all 12 elves, they can bring their list back to the theater (and check it twice) for a free movie ticket, and a chance to win 1 of 2 gift baskets to be drawn on December 23rd.

Not a bad haul for an hour or two of free holiday family fun.