Vacationers explain terrifying moments in Las Vegas

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ROMULUS, MI (WTVG) - Many vacationers from Ohio and Michigan said were caught in the chaos during their trip in Las Vegas.

13abc caught up with travelers who returned home on Monday and flew into the Detroit Metro Airport.

One man said he and his wife made it to their room before the shooting because she was pregnant and wanted to go back to their hotel. They thought to go to the concert and miss a show, but instead went to their room.

Ford and Shannon Pariseau said they were caught in the aftermath of the shooting and had to hide in a bathroom stall of a hotel for shelter.

Shannon Pariseau said this about the security guards, "They were yelling you can't hide, you must exit!" Put your hands up and run! Yeah, they said run to the right, run to the right. . . You must have your hands up or they will shoot you."

Ford Pariseau said outside of the restroom was SWAT with their rifles drawn.