Valpak includes $100 checks in some of its coupon packets in Toledo

Published: Mar. 26, 2018 at 6:07 PM EDT
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You've probably seen those packets of coupons delivered to your mailbox each month. While many people are inclined to open the envelope and take advantage of the savings inside, others may just throw the Valpak packet away.

The company behind the coupons is taking new initiative to get people to open those envelopes. Valpak is putting four $100 checks in the packets that are mailed out in the Toledo area.

There will be four checks in the approximately 200,000 Valpak envelopes. The odds of finding one of those real checks is about one in 50,000.

"We want consumers to have fun with their Valpak envelope. So they open it up each month to find savings," explains Jim Slattery, president of Valpak of Northwest Ohio. "This is just one more little stimulation that they might have fun with, and they might be able to take it to the bank."

This $100 check program isn't new for Valpak. The company has been doing it since 1988 in select markets.