Vandals strike Toledo park with racist, vulgar messages

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - Some vandals left some very unsightly and crude messages at one Toledo park in the last few days.

Spray painted images and words are what some neighbors woke up to Monday and now the search is on for who did this.

This kind of thing has happened to the storage building at Heatherdowns Park before according to people who live in this area. That doesn't make it any more pleasant for the neighbors who hope this is the last time.

The words so racists and vulgar and the images too graphic to show on TV. That is what people found Monday morning at Heatherdowns Park near Royal Haven. Who did this? That's not clear but some neighbors think it might have been a group of kids.

"When they grow up they'll say, why did I do that? That's what they'll say to themselves," said neighbor Joe Nowakowski.

Nowakowski says this is normally a pretty quiet area. The biggest excitement recently was some road construction and new sidewalks.

Vandals have hit this building before according to neighbors.

"Who wants to see that kind of eyesore stuff? I'm sure the same group of kids will probably do something somewhere else. Maybe here," said Nowakowski.

A city of Toledo crew came to repaint Monday morning. Another crew worked on the park benches which were also defaced. Quick work people like Nowakowski are grateful for.

"Pretty happy with the neighborhood here. Everybody is actually," said Nowakowski.

It's not clear if there were any security cameras that might have caught the vandalism on tape. Certainly if you know of anything or have information, Toledo police would like to hear from you.