Veterans from Michigan take honor flight to D.C.

WASHINTON (Gray DC) -- A group of veterans from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan took the trip of a lifetime Wednesday.

Scott Knauf, the president of the Upper Peninsula Honor Flight, said, "One of the biggest things in their life. It’s just huge, it’s amazing.”

It was a big day for Michigan veterans like John Moddie. He said, "This is really, this is really out of this world.”

Moddie is a World War Two veteran, and near the World War II Memorial, strangers stopped to shake his hand. That included Senator Debbie Stabenow.

Stabenow said to Moddie, “Thank you, thank you for your service.”

In response to the gratitude people showed the World War II veteran, Moddie said, “They appreciate what we did, and they’re thankful for what we’ve done.”

Moddie probably would not have been on this honor flight if not for his neighbor, Jerry Pugh. Pugh said he encouraged Moddie to take the UP Honor Flight trip.

Pugh said, “I said you have a son of family member you want to go with you, I’ll make sure it happens. He said, I want to go with you. That made my day.”

On this flight organizers noticed a shift; there were just a handful of World War II veterans, and dozens of Vietnam war veterans.

Knauf said, “It’s just going to feel different because those guys just were not thanked for what they did, and so we got to change that.”

Going forward, the UP honor flight will start catering to Vietnam war veterans, however organizers say they will always make room for World War II veterans who is not been on an honor flight.

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