Vets: Toledo dog needs major surgery after likely being hit by a car

Published: Jul. 10, 2019 at 10:06 PM EDT
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All it takes is one quick glance at Charley the dog to see that he hasn't had an easy go.

"I was in tears," Charley's owner Cameron Pfaff said. "I thought ... I was going to lose him for good."

Back on July 3, Pfaff says he got a call that his 2-year-old pup had gotten out of the house, leaped a neighbor's fence and took off.

"I think he was trying to find me while I was gone and just went on the run to look for me," Pfaff said.

As he rushed home to find his dog Pfaff says he found a badly hurt Charley on his street near Dorr and Reynolds.

"His paw was busted," Pfaff said. "His mouth was all bloody, and his eye was swollen and scratched up pretty bad."

Pfaff scooped up Charley and took him to Community Pet Care Clinic where Christie Myers, RVT, helped care for him.

"He was carrying his leg, and you could actually see that there was a bend to it that was a very obvious fracture already there," Myers said.

X-rays confirmed Charley's injuries that Myers' says are likely from being hit by a car. While vets patched him up as best as they could Myers' says Charley now needs a $2,000 surgery to fully heal, or he could face amputation.

"He needs some plates and some bone pinning done in the leg and, unfortunately, we can't do orthopedic surgeries here," Myers said. "It's a little bit financially out of our realm of what we can do."

Like most people, Pfaff says a chunk of money that size is something he doesn't have. So Myers' and her team helped him set up a fund for Charley in hopes of getting the operation done.

"He's got a long life ahead of him yet, and we want to make sure he can live it to the fullest," Myers said.

And that's also all that Cameron wants so he and Charley can get back to a normal life.

"Hopefully [I can] get him all healed up and everything, and [I] just stay with him for the rest of my life," Pfaff said.

Charley's fund is on a website that's similar to GoFundMe called

, and it already has more than $500. The clinic also accepts donations for all pets in its care