Video shows clerk grab suspect's gun during hotel robbery

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PADUCAH, Ky. (WKYT/Gray News) - A man who police say had his gun taken away from him during a robbery at a Kentucky hotel has been arrested.

A hotel clerk turned the tables on the suspect by grabbing his gun when he left it on the counter. (Source: Paducah Police Department)

Cory Phillips, 26, of Paducah, was arrested following a traffic stop on Tuesday, according to the Paducah Police Department.

Police said Phillips was the man who robbed the Country Inn and Suites on Monday night.

Surveillance video from the hotel shows a man wearing a shirt around his face and a University of Alabama sock hat enter the hotel with a gun and go behind the front desk.

The clerk shows the suspect to the other side of the desk before throwing money onto the counter.

While the suspect is gathering the money, he can be seen putting his gun down on the counter.

The clerk then grabs the gun and points it at the suspect, who runs off.

The suspect then came back into the hotel, but the clerk pointed the gun at him again. He ran away again.

Police said when Phillips was pulled over for a routine traffic stop, he was acting nervous.

Officers found a computer that had been reported stolen from a home in the car, along with a white t-shirt like the one found near the scene of the hotel robbery.

Phillips was interviewed by police and then charged with robbery and receiving stolen property.

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