Village of Pioneer pays utility bills for customers

Published: Mar. 24, 2020 at 5:15 PM EDT
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The Village of Pioneer is picking up the tab for water, sewer and electric bills. For the next 3 months, residents do not have to pay water or sewer bills and each customer will receive a $300 credit towards electricity.

Mayor Edward Kidston said as the reality of COVID-19 hit, he wanted to help out the people of Pioneer quickly. The cost of covering each resident's utility bill will cost $350,000. The Village is using money from the rainy day fund to cover the plan.

"It's a good chunk of change, but I would rather give it to the people and let them be able to manage their private lives better than get at the end of this thing and still have that 350k in the bank" Kidston said.

Not surprisingly, area residents are a big fan of having the bills paid, especially at a time when there are people off work, businesses struggling to survive, and no indication when the uncertainty will end.

For those who do not need the assistance, the mayor is asking people to use the cash to pay it forward and help a neighbor.

Additional donations are being accepted at the Pioneer Area Ministerial Association at P.O. Box 205, Pioneer, Ohio.

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