Viral video leads to loss of liquor contract for Toledo store

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - The American Food Center on Bancroft near Franklin in Toledo has lost their liquor contract following their involvement in a viral video released this past Christmas. That video, which appears above in its entirety, was reportedly the latest in a series of infractions discovered by the Ohio Department of Commerce, leading to the termination of their contract with the state Liquor Control Division.

The store had previously been allowed to sell high proof spirits on behalf of the state of Ohio, but were found to have violated the terms of their liquor license on multiple occasions. That license was officially suspended on Friday, and will be terminated as of January 18, 2018. According to a letter from the Department obtained by 13abc Action News, those violations include the one shown in the video and one three months prior in which "employees exhibited similar anger and aggressive behavior" toward an independent contractor.

This isn't the first fallout from the viral video. Tejas Patel and Guirguis Ragheb were arrested on December 26th and charged with assault, suspected by police of being the two men seen beating the man in the video. According to court documents, Shannon Wilson stole two bottles of liquor from the store. He was then chased by Ragheb who caught him on Putnam Street, detained him face down, and beat him with a piece of wood.

Wilson was also arrested and charged with theft.