Virtual dementia tours simulate patient's reality

Perrysburg, OHIO (WTVG) - There are 5.8 million Americans living with Alzheimer's disease. According to the Alzheimer's Association, someone is diagnosed every 65 seconds and in addition to aging many patients deal with sensory issues as the disease progresses.

According to the national Alzheimer's Association, by the year 2050 an estimated 14 million Americans could be living with the disease.

Research to end Alzheimer's is continuing and the Executive Director of the NWO ALZ Chapter, Julia Pechlivanos, says soon there should be a blood test to determine if you have Alzheimer's. Dementia can cause additional symptoms and there are more than 100 types of dementia. In fact, Pechlivanos says many patients have both or multiple forms of dementia.

The degenerative disease can cause cognitive issues and in many cases, patients are dealing with the loss of multiple senses.

Today, 13abc's Christina Williams had a chance to take part in a virtual dementia tour. It simulates what someone with Alzheimer's or dementia might be dealing with, in addition to memory loss, on a daily basis.

If you or a family member were recently diagnosed with Alzheimer's or dementia you can get connected to for information. There is also a free 24/7 hotline offering help and guidance when it comes to coping with or caring for someone with the disease.

The Promedica Goerlich Center also offers long and short-term care for patients and provides the dementia tours for anyone who wants an inside look at what hundreds of local patients are facing every day.

The Walk to End ALZ is this weekend in Toledo. If you would like to support a world without Alzheimer's, head down to Promenade park on Saturday, October 12 for the free event. Donations are encouraged. The event begins at 9 with the walk stepping off just after 10am.