Volunteer project revitalizing part of Toledo's Historic South End

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TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - Getting multiple construction firms to team up for a single cause is ambitious, yet the payoff will be worth it for residents along Crittenden and Western Avenues.

As Chad Hartman, project manager for Ebony Construction explains it:
"The Ohio Contractor's [Association] has partnered with Historic South and the city of Toledo to renovate the roads and sidewalks in the area."

16 contractors in all have volunteered their time and money for the project, and the local chapter of the Ohio Contractor's Association has been doing this around the city for over a decade.

Hartman says "this [project] in particular is our biggest one yet, and we're very proud to put this out there."

Historic South president Chris Amato explained the choice to focus on this particular section... namely, they were already renovating houses here.

"We got the state grant for $300,000 to do the fix-ups," Amato recalls, "with new roofs, new siding, windows, foundations... so it just made a lot of sense to compress all of our efforts into this 4-block area."

It's not just the roadways that have needed some repairs. The sidewalks in the Historic South End have needed some attention for quite some time now, and volunteers here are only too happy to help.

Amato estimates the total material and labor cost to the contractors totals about $150,000 -- no small price tag for local businesses, but they say it's a worthwhile cause.

"I think it sets a great example for the city of Toledo because this is a community project. If our inner cities or central cities are left to decay, then the whole city of Toledo suffers."