Volunteers working to help local pet owners in need with free food and medicine

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TOLEDO (WTVG) - The Lucas County Pit Crew is a local rescue group that takes in and finds new homes for abused and abandoned dogs in the community.
The organization now has an outreach program called Humane Toledo. It helps owners in need with food, supplies and medicine for their pets.

The Humane Toledo outreach program was started last fall and it's already helped more than 100 people take care of their pets.
In fact, it's been so successful the program has run out of food at times. What the organization needs now is more volunteers and donations.

Humane Toledo is an army of volunteers that hits the streets every other weekend to deliver hope to pet owners in need, "What has this program meant to you? Actually, it's been a lifesaver."

Kimberly Boatwright is one of the people whose been helped by a random act of kindness from the volunteers of Humane Toledo, "They're willing to help and willing to do. That's what we need more of in this world, people willing to help and willing to do. I am so grateful to them. I have also told other people in the neighborhood who need help about the program. That's what it's all about, all of us helping each other."

Kimberly rescued her dogs, Baby and Brindle. Humane Toledo came to Kimberly's rescue when she needed help taking care of them, "I appreciate the Pit Crew and the Humane Toledo program because they have been there for me. I have two wonderful dogs who are healthy and happy thanks to that help. When I couldn't afford food and medicine they stepped in.That means a lot to me."

Every other Saturday, volunteers go into local neighborhoods. They knock on doors to see if they can help. People may have lost their job or just be struggling to make ends meet. Jean Keating is the founder of the Lucas County Pit Crew. She says Humane Toledo is here to fill the gap, "The last thing we want someone to lose when they're in a crisis is their pet."

Volunteers also work to help make sure the animal is spayed or neutered. Keating says once the pet is fixed, they connect the owner to the Humane Ohio pet food bank where they can get free food on a monthly basis, "in order to slow the flow of animals coming in to the dog warden or rescue groups, we had to get into the neighborhoods and let people know we can help before you have to give the animal up." That help is available to anyone who needs it.

The volunteers have also started taking cat food to people in need.
Humane Toledo can use donations of food and supplies as well as volunteers.

The Lucas County Pit Crew will be providing more help this weekend.
There's a free rabies vaccine clinic Saturday from 1-4pm or until vaccines run out. It will be at the Church of St. Andrew United Methodist on Heatherdowns. The free shots will be given by a licensed veterinarian. There will also be free food and spay/neuter vouchers available.

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