Voters may see marijuana law on the ballot in 2018

TOLEDO, Ohio (13abc Action News) - You might see marijuana back on the ballot in 2018. Just as the medical marijuana program is taking shape, what's being called a "free market, adult consumption" bill might be right behind it

Supporters are not calling this a recreational law. They're staying away from that word. They're equating it to the sale, regulation and use of alcohol.

Voters shot down the last marijuana proposal on the ballot in 2015. 2018 could see another version. One that allows that use for adults over 21. It would also allow home grow.

It is the same group that supported that 2015 medical marijuana bill.

"We learned a lot from that campaign. We spent $28.5 million. We learned a great deal one of which was that voters didn't want a self-selection," said Ian James with Green Light Acquisitions.

It's a free market plan, just like anyone who wants to get a license to sell alcohol.

"There's a growing sense that not only should the amendment not impact the medical marijuana law but we should also go forward with an adult consumption amendment," said James.

In this bill it allows for hemp to be grown in Ohio. Hemp already sold in places like the Toledo Hemp Center.

"Honestly I'm not sure why they couple hemp production with marijuana production in regards to ballot initiatives like this,” said Kevin Spitler, the owner of the Toledo Hemp Center.

Spitler says it would be a big economic boom for the area if hemp was grown in Ohio. Not only to farmers but to any companies that would ship it out.

"Right now we're just looking at an overview. They haven't really released the rules. The rules will really be what's important about what we'd like to see in the future," said Spitler.

The company heading this up is one of the companies recently denied a medical marijuana cultivator license. Company leaders say it's not sour grapes but going more toward what they believe Ohioans want.

They'll need over 300,000 signatures to get on the ballot in November. The filing deadline is early July.