Washington Local Schools asks parents for input on school safety measures

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TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - Washington Local Schools held a unique public hearing about school safety with parents Tuesday night.

The three-part session focused attention on how the district can improve safety following the Parkland, Florida shooting that killed 17 students February 14.

It is an important discussion because whether you are outside Washington Local's huge junior/senior high school complex or inside, here are a lot of places a person with a gun can enter or hide or hide a weapon.

Parents asked questions about school safety.

Making the buildings more secure is not easy when you have thousands of students and three large schools on one site.

Parents talked with school leaders about posting more security guards, issuing ID cards even better documenting discipline problems.

Washington Local students get ALICE training and learn how to survive an active shooting incident.

Whitmer has six armed, retired police officers with arrest powers on campus at all times.

And security cameras are hanging from hallway ceilings.

After the discussion with school leaders and hearing about the special response training student receive, parents wrote out their suggestions on ways the district can be better secured.

One parent told 13abc, "Mmetal detectors would be less expensive. But if they can do it for airports, why not for the schools?"

Another say, "We're getting them with making sure there's a double door entrance."

And one parent said creating a prison feel to a school does not bother her. "No," she said., "I'd rather have my child safe then have him dead."

But any new idea will cost money.

School Board member Mark Hughes says the district "Might have to go to our voters and say that we want to invest in our community and for our safety and that might result in turning to our voters and taxpayers."