"Wall of Honor" unveiled at Anthony Wayne High School

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WHITEHOUSE, Ohio (WTVG) - From the street, you would never know the history behind the doors of Anthony Wayne High School.

"It's absolutely amazing-a lot of pride," said Brad Contat, assistant principal at Anthony Wayne High School.

Wednesday, the school unveiled a project months in the making called the "Wall of Honor." It's covered with the names of hundreds of people who have fought for, and in some cases, died for our freedoms.

"We had been going to different schools and noticing some of these things in their buildings and thought it was really important, for us, to put something like that in our building," Contat said.

Going back as far as the early 1900s, the men and women honored on the wall are Anthony Wayne alumni. They served in World War I, World War II, Vietnam, and Operation Iraqi Freedom. 24 died during combat.

"He wrote a letter back to his classmates from the Pacific," Contat said, talking about one of the World War II veterans. "Unfortunately, he passed away shortly after writing that letter."

There are several empty panels left on the wall. Those spaces are reserved for students who may make the decision to serve in the future. In fact, the class of 2019 has 20.

"I've sat down with my parents and they're on board," Peyton Elliott, senior, said.

Elliott says the decision to join the Ohio National Guard was easy. Military service runs in the family.

He calls the Wall of Honor a symbol of respect.

"I honestly think it's amazing that we get to recognize all of these people, especially way back when," Elliott said.

Soon, he'll join the ranks on his wall, where his dedication and service won't soon be forgotten.

"There's a lot of unique stories on that board, but a common thread is the Anthony Wayne community, so, it's a really neat way to bring us all together," said Contat.