Walleye fans and local businesses getting ready for Game 3

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You can't beat the sound of the Walleye scoring a goal, especially when they do it on your home ice.

And game-winning goals lead to the sound of printing presses at Jupmode... a local company printing t-shirts for the local team's championship run.

John Amato, owner of Jupmode says, "The time was right. And we were ready for it. The Walleye were ready for it and Toledo's ready for it."

Jupmode's shirts end at the Swamp Shop, where more than 50 Walleye items-- including foam fingers and pucks to cool jerseys-- are up for sale.

Adam Stone, manager at the Swamp Shops says, "Conveniently enough, their tenth anniversary season, hosting the ECHL hockey all-star game, now we're in the Kelly Cup Finals, I mean you couldn't write it any better."

It's exciting for Toledo to have the hockey team play this deep into the baseball season. But fans can split their local loyalties.

Morgan Beaverson told 13abc's Bill Hormann she's watching the Mud Hens Tuesday, the Walleye Wednesday and then again on Friday and Saturday.

But as for those t-shirts, Greg Krzyston has a lot of Walleye gear already.

He says, "Every time I go to a game and go to the shop, I see a bunch of sweet stuff I just have to tell myself, don't get it because you already have enough at home."

But he doesn't have a championship t-shirt...

Right now, the Walleye are working on that.

The Walleye are down two games to none but the puck drops on game three and the big turnaround Wednesday night at 7:35.

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