Warmth delays fall color

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TOLEDO, OH (13abc Action News) – October is here and the colors are starting to turn on the trees. Cool mornings in the 30s & 40s along with warm & sunny afternoons help to change the green leaves into vivid red, orange, and yellow colors. Since the weather changes from year to year, the dates of peak fall color can also change. Last year's warm overnight lows in September and October helped to push the peak fall color all the way back to Halloween and into early November. Normally the peak fall color inland develops around October 15.

The fall colors started changing early after unusually cool temperatures in early September, but the late month summer heat halted the color change process. More warmth this coming week may delay the process even more. As a result, it looks like northwest Ohio will reach peak color this year around or just past average time. October 15th to the 22nd is the most likely time for vivid fall foliage away from the lakeshore. Areas near the lake should reach peak color after October 22nd based on the current long range temperature outlook.