Washington Local Schools Look To Voters For New Levy

The Washington Local School district is expected to name a new interim Superintendent this week according to a district spokesperson. The board released Susan Hayward from her position as the Superintendent and let her move onto another job as a Superintendent, but didn't say where. The district is expected to open a search for a new Superintendent. The move comes as the district is getting ready to go to voters with a substantial levy request. This all comes on the heels of a levy defeat last year.

The district is going to be asking voters to pass a 6.9 mil combined levy. The first part if a 3.9 mil levy that would generate about $3.2 million dollars annually for operating expenses to continue existing programming. The second part is a 3.0 mil bond measure that would be paid off over 37 years. This would raise $50 million dollars which is the districts part of an 80/20 split with the State. The Ohio Facilities Commission would provide $178 million dollars to help pay to rebuild virtually every building in the district, according to a WLS spokesman.

The measure goes on the November ballot.