We now have an additional way to track 13abc "news hound" Mabel

Published: Dec. 3, 2019 at 5:06 PM EST
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As you may know, we have a mascot here at 13abc. Her name is Mabel, and she's in training to work with children and young adults with autism.

She belongs to our Melissa Voetsch, and today Mel took an extra step to protect our little news hound. Experts say it's something all pet owners should consider.

A collar with a current license and identification tags is an important thing for all dogs to have. A lot of people choose to take it one step further with a microchip. That simple piece of technology has reunited countless pets with their owners.

A bulletin board at Lucas County Canine Care and Control is filled with the faces and the names of a tiny fraction of the missing pets in our community. The shelter takes in thousands of lost or stray dogs every year, and one of the first things the staff does is scan for a microchip.

The goal is to get all the lost dogs back to their homes, and one of the easiest ways to make that happen is a microchip.

Many shelters, rescues and vet clinics can scan for a chip. The technology has reunited countless pets with their owners. Mabel got a few shots and a chip Tuesday. Like most pets, she didn't even flinch when it was injected under her skin.

Experts say even pets that never leave their own yard or go off leash should be chipped because a lot of unexpected things can happen. It is important to make sure the information on your pet's chip is always current.

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