Weekend winter weather keeps AAA crews busy

Published: Jan. 19, 2020 at 9:12 PM EST
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Like many people, Tom Campbell felt the seemingly sudden effects of Old Man Winter over the weekend.

“I went and stopped a couple places, got breakfast, stopped to get a paper — it was dead," Campbell said of his truck's battery.

The lifelong Toledoan was temporarily stranded on Sunday after his truck battery gave up the ghost, likely due to the cold. While he eventually got his ride up and running, Campbell called on AAA to check things out.

"I've realized, these guys in this kind of weather, they get backed up and backed up and backed up," Campbell said of AAA's response time.

Campbell wasn't the only one relying on the auto club's roadside service. Crews say the snow and frigid temps kept them running in high-gear all weekend long.

"As soon as I'm logged in, (it's) non-stop until the end of the shift," AAA service driver Brandon Fitch said.

Fitch says the weekend weather caused a number of problems for people.

"(There were) a lot of flat tires because of potholes and sliding off the ice," Fitch said. "A couple lockouts here and there, people leaving their cars running and shutting the door behind them."

Along with those issues Fitch says cold-zapped batteries also topped the list. In fact, most crews carried at least 25 different batteries with them to help stranded drivers get back on the road.

"Just gotta get out there and help the members," Fitch said. "That's all that matters."

If you find yourself on the side of the road in winter weather AAA recommends moving your vehicle to a safe space. You should also ensure your cell phone is fully charged so you can call for help. AAA also recommends keeping an emergency kit with items like jumper cables, a flashlight and a blanket in it.

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