Welcome to Vistula! Local area rebounding after decades

Published: Feb. 9, 2018 at 7:12 PM EST
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We hear all about downtown's rebound over the last three years. But that area is densely packed. So we wanted to know what's next?

Welcome to Vistula. It's an area some have never heard of, just north of downtown Toledo. And soon it could be a combination of a warehouse district and Toledo's new Silicon Valley.

"There's more energy, there's more activity going on in Vistula than there has been for many years," Andrew Newby said.

"A number of people have told us that we're crazy, right, to take on this large building, in the Vistula," Ambrea Mikolajczyk said.

Ambrea Mikolajczyk and her husband started with an 80,000 square foot blank canvas… the abandoned wonder bread factor. They own ARK Restoration and Construction, and are well-known developers in the Toledo area.

"There were huge brick ovens here," she said.

They’ll transform it all into 24 luxury lofts on North Summit.

"We'll be here for the long haul," Ambrea said. "That's why it's important for us to invest here in Toledo."

Vistula goes from LaGrange to 280 and the Greenbelt to the river. For this district, it’s what’s next…

"There's a lot of available square footage in this area, so there's a lot of opportunity for Toledo to grow this direction," Newby said.

"It has to kind of come down this way," Ambrea said.

Andrew Newby brought his tech company, Avatar, down the block in 2001. Now he runs a tech incubator and distillery here.

"It's going to be amazing. It's going to be fantastic," Newby said. He also owns and operates Toledo Spirits in the lower level of 1301 N. Summit. Soon there will be a high-end cocktail bar here. "Over the next few years we're going to see some really cool things happening down here."

Retail, commercial, residential, all headed here, soon.

"You can see everything that it once was," Ambrea said.

That was once mansions, but the area has scared some off. But in a year or so…

"When you walk down the street, you won't be afraid," Ambrea said.

"We are talking about developing the space that's currently here," Newby said of why the issue of gentrification is truly a non-issue in Vistula.

Each of these upper units will get its own roof-top terrace. And on this side of the Maumee, a river view as well. By the time construction is done, the developers' price tag will top six million dollars.