Westland Gardens Apartments tenant says landlord is dragging their feet on ceiling repairs

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - Inside Tori Perkins' Westland Gardens' apartment a big hole in the ceiling is causing big problems for her family.

"Our windowsill leaks, our air conditioner—the whole unit leaks—and it leaks all over our outlet plugs," Perkins said.

About six weeks ago the Toledo woman says woke up one morning to find water pouring into her living room. She says she notified maintenance crews, but they only did minor repairs.

"All they did was come in, look at it, cut a little hole so it could dry out and then it fell in," Perkins said.

Now a piece of plywood covers the hole that Perkins says is only getting bigger, and it's still leaking.

"We literally have to keep buckets near it," Perkins said. "We have to keep everything near the windows and towels and everything just so it doesn't try to flood in."

To make matters worse Perkins says mold is starting to develop, and that has her worried about her 2-year-old son's health.

"Me and my husband can deal with it, but we're not going to for my son," Perkins said. "He shouldn't have to get sick because of the poor conditions here."

Perkins says repairmen stopped by just two days ago and they promised to fix her ceiling by Monday. 13abc went to the apartment's office that day and spoke with maintenance workers who passed reporter Michael Bratton on to managers who weren't there.

Now feeling helpless, Perkins says she just wants her ceiling fixed before she's forced to leave.

"If they don't fix it we're moving--that's a fact," Perkins said. "We're moving."

13abc also called and left a message for managers and a person on the phone told us we wouldn't hear from anyone until Tuesday.

In the meantime, if you have issues with a rental property Ohio law allows you to put your rent in escrow. You can still make payments while waiting for repairs.