What Are Your Rights When Landlord Won't Listen

Published: Apr. 30, 2019 at 5:53 PM EDT
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A Toledo man says he was shocked at his apartment and he still can't the building owner to address the electrical wiring in the building. It's a common problem that has been brought to the attention of 13ABC'S I-Team multiple times over the last year. 18-year old Michael Jaworskyj says he was getting up to go to work when he got the shock of his life quite literally. "When I was reaching for my apron, my arm brushed up against it and it knocked me out cold," says Jaworskyj. Michael was taken by ambulance to the emergency room where he was treated for injuries caused by electrical shock. "They told me my heart must have stopped because I went unconscious."

A call to management resulted in a cover over the outlet. While 13ABC was there, out cameras captured a host of other livability issues in the apartment. They include a hole in the bathroom door, a backed up tub, a ceiling drooping and buckling due to water damage and mold. Outside the building is a cluster of wires hanging out of an electrical box. Wires are dopping from the outside of the building, extension chords hanging off the sides.

13ABC talked to LaTanya Wilson from Legal Aid of Western Ohio and says "There are basic standards of habitability. It should be safe for you and your children." If your rental property is not safe, you can escrow your rent with the courts. "Then you have a hearing at court where your landlord will be asked to explain or fi up the apartment."

When 13ABC talked to the owner of Fox Run Apartments listed as Shaun Harb of Harb Estate Management LLC he said he was unaware of the exterior wiring issues and would send his crews out on Wednesday. He also told 13ABC that he has attempted to fix the problems inside the apartment of Jaworskyj and has had problems gaining access when they are home.

For more information on this go to www.lawolaw.org