Extra precautions in place at local trash collection company

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PETERSBURG, Mich. (WTVG) - Stevens Disposal and Recycling, with thousands of customers in Ohio and Michigan, has put extra safety measures in place to protect its workers.

Company leaders said they have always provided disinfectant products to workers, but they have taken steps to advance that policy. They are supplying disinfectant wipes and sprays to all workers.

The lobby is closed to the public. Workers inside the office are social distancing and not gathering in large groups in common areas where they would normally.

Crews out on the road have access to Personal Protection Equipment and cleaning products. They are also asking customers who they may interact with normally to maintain a safe distance.

Everyone is being asked to put their trash in bags, and not just leave it loose in bins. They are also asking people to sanitize the rim of the bins and the handles to help protect drivers.

“If you set your trash out in bags, sanitize the outside of those bags. Spray or wipe them down, do something to help prevent the spread," Kevin Shipman, with Stevens Disposal and Recycling said. "Also with the containers, sanitize the perimeter and the handles. Wipe them down. It just helps those drivers.”