Whatever happened to that NEXUS pipeline compressor in Waterville?

WATERVILLE, Ohio (WTVG) - For years, community members fought it and lost. A major piece of the nexus natural gas pipeline was built right in their backyards.

There's now one major issue with the project leaving neighbors scratching their heads.

On that land off Moosman Drive was supposed to sit a compressor station that was supposed to help natural gas move through eastern Ohio through our area, then into Michigan and into Canada. But the company never built the compressor.

"It's the whole frustration of this is one of the reasons we wanted to fight it to begin with because we knew there was no need for it," said Stacy Owen, one member of the group that tried to fight the compressor station.

Owen and others argued the compressor and its emissions would be too close to neighborhoods and the Anthony Wayne schools. They were also skeptical of how much demand pipeline owners would have to necessitate this compressor station in the first place.

"Everything that we said that they denied for years is now all of the sudden back to where we started," said Owen.

A NEXUS pipeline spokesperson told 13abc in a statement that the Waterville compressor would support increased demand as future market need develops. The company says it has installed telecommunication, a mainline value and a receiver so far. But as for the actual compressor, we're told the majority of the work is set to commence this year.

“It's that whole unknown of what is now going to happen. What's going to happen to that area, what new may come into it or what's going to be developed there," said Owen.

As for when any future work will happen, the company said in a statement: “we are determining a schedule for the remaining work. There is no updated timeline."


NEXUS strategically designed the route based on current and forecasted demand growth for natural gas in the Great Lakes region. NEXUS’ Waterville Compressor station would support increased demand as future market need develops. We continue to see a growing demand for natural gas from power generators and industrial end users in the region and these facilities would help meet that demand. For example, NEXUS recently announced plans to acquire Generation Pipeline, a 23-mile natural gas pipeline serving power generation and industrial loads in the Toledo area. This acquisition will provide future opportunities for NEXUS to provide gas directly to the Toledo industrial corridor.

The schedule as detailed in the implementation plan anticipated construction of the mainline facilities and three compressor stations in 2018, with the majority of work on the Waterville compressor station anticipated to commence in 2019. To date, we have installed telecommunications equipment, a mainline valve and a launcher and receiver at the Waterville Compressor Station site. At this time, we are determining the schedule for the remaining work--there is no updated timeline.