What's Going Around: The Best Dry Skin Remedies

TOLEDO, Ohio (13abc Action News) - As the cold air comes in, it tends to be dry and pulls moisture out of our skin.

"It's also because we're spending more time indoors in forced air," says Dr. Todd Francis, MD from Promedica. "You need to start by hydrating the skin from the inside out, keeping it as hydrated as possible so it doesn't dry out as fast."

You need as much water as you do in the warmer months, to keep up with the dry forced air circulating.

Dr. Francis says "The moisturizers that are the most helpful are the oil based ones. They're ones that are better at locking that moisture in because a lot of the moisturizers do most of their work by preventing the loss of moisture as opposed to actually putting moisture into the skin." Dr. Francis goes onto say "My personal favorite is Eucerin, because it's hypoallergenic and people with dry skin tend to have a lot of allergies."

Other tips include turning down the heat on your showers, opting to go with warm water over steamy hot showers. While they feel good, they really accelerate the dehydrating process. And moisturize as soon as you get out of the shower, before your skin is dry, that way you can retain as much moisture as possible.

When it comes to hands and feet, you need to look at a petroleum based product like Vaseline. Put it one your hands and feet along with gloves and socks overnight and that tends to help moisturize those areas.

If that doesn't work and you still experience drying, cracking and bleeding skin, you need to check with your doctor. They can prescribe lotions with steroids to help heal that skin.